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Invitation for May event –  Saturday, May 4, 2019

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Dear international students,

What a great evening we had in March, with French music performed by singers and pianists from the conservatory! It was very special, and we really enjoyed meeting everyone who was there!

Our next meeting will be on May 4. On this day in the Netherlands we commemorate victims of war and on 5 May we celebrate the fact that we live in freedom. So May 4 is a memorial day, especially to remember World War II and all those who fought and lost their lives at that time. There will be a short talk to explain a bit about the situation in Holland during the war. We will show a feature film about this period in Europe and take some time at the end of the evening to talk about it with those who want to stay.  

We hope you will join us for this evening with special attention for an important period in Dutch history.  

We have great cooks who will prepare the food for this evening: nasi goreng:  Indonesian fried rice. There will also be a variation for vegetarians. And home-made baked goods for dessert!

If you would like to help with preparations, please contact JoAnn van Seventer. Help is always welcome!


18.00 to 22.00 — Come on time. Coffee and tea are served at 18.00 and dinner at 18.30! Enjoy the food while it is hot!


Extra discussion evening: during several of our events JoAnn van Seventer has mentioned to students at her table a marriage course which she and Hans help to facilitate. JoAnn noticed a great interest in the subject of love and marriage among students at her table. So for those interested she will organize a separate evening to discuss this subject. This will be in Het Pand on Thursday, May 16, from 19.00 to 21.00 (no meal included, but there will be coffee and tea with cake).  If you want to join just send an email directly to JoAnn van Seventer. A maximum of 20 students may join. No cost.


Our last event of this season will be a visit to a Dutch farm on June 1. Always a time of fun and relaxation, so put it in your agenda!



The location of our meeting in May will be Het Pand, Madoerastraat 16 in Groningen. We will have a banner at the entrance to the alley leading to Het Pand. Check our website for some photos of the neighbourhood and directions on how to get there.

Cost for the meal

€3.00 — Be sure to bring cash, preferably change.

Sign up - 40 seats available.

Closing on Friday! Please sign up for this event by Friday, May 3. We can have a maximum of 40 students for this event. Always sign up through the form below. If you have signed up but are not able to come will you please cancel your reservation so that someone else can take your place and we know how much food is needed!
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The team

Hans and JoAnn van Seventer, Mirjam Poelman, Louwrens Wemekamp and Geraldine Zieleman, Ludie and Cornelie Postmus

Location and map

Navigation: Go to Floresplein 30, we are in the alley next to it!!
Location: Madoerastraat 16, Groningen (link to find us)