International Café Evening

Our Cook

Invitation for February 25, 2012

Again we are looking forward to meeting you at the NSG building on the last Saturday of the month. In January we were happy to greet a lot of new guests, and hope you will come again so we can get to know you better.


***Unfortunately because of a misunderstanding the heating was not working well at our last meeting. We have now made arrangements for the heat to be left on after the building is used on Friday, so please don’t stay away because of the cold!


You are welcome to join us from 18:00 until 22:00 o’clock. There will be soup (always two kinds, one vegetarian) and garlic bread, coffee and tea and homemade cake. We will have our usual time for games, and especially the popular shuffleboard.

And this time we will also have a salsa lesson, led by a friend from the Honduras. In the past this dancing lesson led to much hilarity and fun, so come and try it if you never have before! And if you already can dance the salsa, come and help others to learn!


There is never an admissions charge for our events. If you like you can make a small contribution in a box on the bar. This will help with our expenses. But it is completely voluntary.


Everyone is welcome, including friends who may not have joined us before.

If you have signed up but for some reason are not able to come will you please let us know as soon as you can so that we know how much food will be needed! And be assured that if you don’t come you will be missed!


Paul Nieboer, Hans and JoAnn van Seventer, Patty Scholma, Hinke van Abbema and Jiaqi Zhang

Location: Hereweg 1, Groningen (near Central Train Station)

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On Friday, March 9 there will also be a movie night together with the student organization HOST. Come for coffee, tea or soft drinks starting from 19:15. The film will begin between 19:45 and 20:00. This time we will show the award-winning German film Das Leben der Anderen (The lives of others) with English subtitles of course. The location is Kranenweg 33 (GSp building). Admission is free. Bring your friends for a nice social evening and interesting discussion.

Our following meetings will be on: March 31 and April 28. We also plan to have a few excursions in May and June. More information later.