International Café Evening

Our Cook

Dear international friends,

Invitation for May 7, 2011

The last saturday of april is Queens Day. It will not be possible to use the Navigators Building that day. We decided to move our meeting up one week to May 7.

Our evenings begin at 18:00. After guests have been welcomed thereis a simple meal of soup and bread, followed by tea and coffee and cake. This meal is free. Coffee and tea are also free. We don’t serve alcohol at these meetings, but there are other drinks available at a small charge. There will also be a box where, if you are able, you can make a contribution for the costs of the location.


At our coming meeting Thereza and Anton Langeler will provide some music and a Dutch farmer will tell a bit about his farm. At the end of the evening there will again be opportunity to play some games, including with the shuffle board. And as usual there will be time to talk with each other

We really look forward to seeing you again! Bring along your friends. We hope you will also meet and enjoy new people. Please do let us know if you are coming and if you will join us for the meal – always sign up so that we know how much food will be needed!

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If you have signed up but for some reason are not able to come will you please let us know as soon as you can so that we know how much food will be needed!



Our following meeting will be on June 4. At that meeting we would like to invite you to bring along some food from your own country for others to try. This was a great experience last year, and the food was wonderful. On June 4 Willemijn Pruis will come to sing for us. She is the sister of Mareen Medema who sang for us a few times last year. Both of them have sung at jazz café De Spieghel in Groningen.

Student organization HOST will also have a film evening on Friday, May 20 at 20:00 o’clock at Kranenweg 33 in Groningen.

We also have a few excursions in mind for the end of the season and will keep you informed about these.

Paul Nieboer, Hans and JoAnn van Seventer, Patty Scholma, Hinke van Abbema and Jiaqi Zhang