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Dear international friends,

Farm Visit – June 4, 2011

Because the summer is coming and it is a shame to be indoors when the weather is good, together with the students who were present at our last meeting we decided to change our plan for June 4. So please note: There will NOT be a meeting at our usual location in Groningen. Instead we will go to visit the farmer Henk Kooistra, Borgweg 15 in Lellens (click on map at the end of this post). There we will have opportunity to walk around the farm and ask questions, and then share a meal together.


We will meet in Groningen at 15:50 at Central Station (where the buses leave) to take the 140 Qbuzz bus, direction Delfzijl. We will get out at Ten Post. The trip is 24 minutes, and there is only 1 bus per hour. It costs about 2.80 one way. Be sure to be on time! Hans and Paul will meet you there. We expect to return to Groningen sometime after 20:00 o’clock.


Several students also thought it would still be nice to have everyone bring some wonderful food from your own culture to share with each other, even though we are not meeting at our usual address. So that part of our original plan can still be carried out. Please bring something which can be warmed up in the oven or a microwave, or bring something which can be eaten cold.

Please let us know for how many people you plan to cook – it need not be too much, for 5 or 6 people, because if everyone brings food there will surely be enough! You can mail your information to JoAnn, She will co-ordinate the food. Last year this meal was a great success, and very delicious. We hope you will participate. Our team will provide a great dessert!


This will be our last official meeting of this season. We hope you can join us. Please do let us know if you are coming . Always sign up:

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If you have signed up but for some reason are not able to come will you please let us know as soon as you can so that we know how much food will be needed!



Willemijn Pruis, who was to sing for us on our last evening, has said she would be happy to come in September instead, so we will still have a chance to enjoy her music.

For everyone that is going to leave The Netherlands this summer, we hope you have enjoyed your stay in Holland and the meetings at International Cafe. We wish you all the best, and we would love to see you one more time at a cow farm:)

Paul Nieboer, Hans and JoAnn van Seventer, Patty Scholma, Hinke van Abbema and Jiaqi Zhang

Location: Borgweg 15, Lellens (to the Norh of Groningen)

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