January Event

January 27 — What’s eating Gilbert Grape? — Movie Night

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Dear international students,

Happy New Year! What a wonderful time we had with so many of you at the Christmas dinner on December 23! We hope to see you again soon.
So join us at our next meeting for lots of pancakes, healthy (0% alcohol) cocktails and a great film: “What’s eating Gilbert Grape?
You will enjoy seeing Leonardo di Caprio and Johnny Depp when they were still very young actors!


The location of this meeting of International Café will be at Het Pand, Madoerastraat 16 in Groningen (click here for more info), and not at the location of our Christmas dinner.
If you have trouble finding us, call 06-27513208. Someone will also wait for you near the Florisplein to show you the way.


18.00 to 22.00 — Come on time. Don’t miss the pancakes!

Cost: €3.00 for the food

Sign up

Sign up by Friday, January 26th through the form below.
let us know as soon as you can so that we know how much food will be needed! Also, let us know if you have a gluten allergy so we can prepare an alternative for you.

Welcome! Come, and bring some friends.


The team

Paul Nieboer, Hans and JoAnn van Seventer, Mirjam Poelman, Kars and Josine de Bruijne, Louwrens and Geraldine Wemekamp

Location and map

The building is not easy to see from the street, but we will have someone waiting to guide you in.
Navigation: Go to Floresplein 30, we are in the alley next to it!!
Location: Madoerastraat 16, Groningen (link to find us)

Center map