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Invitation for Queens Day celebration – April 27, 2013

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Dear International students,

We are now planning our last indoor event for this season, and that will be on April 27, as usual in the Navigators building at Hereweg 1 in Groningen.
(see the agenda for our the outing to Henk Helmantel on May 31, also for the Cultural Exchange event on April 24)


This time we will celebrate Koninginnedag, the Dutch queen’s birthday which actually takes place on April 30, and as you might know this will be the last official Queens Day because our beloved Queens will abdicate her throne to her son Willem-Alexander. So we will have a new king and queen.
Hinke van Abbema will give a short talk to explain the background of this celebration and we’ll sing some songs and do some crazy games suitable to the occasion. And of course shuffleboard! To increase the fun, we would welcome you to wear something orange.

The evenings begin at 18:00. After guests have been welcomed there will be a simple meal of soup and bread, followed by tea and coffee and cake. This meal is free. Coffee and tea are also free.


These evening are always free, but there is a box where, if you like, you can make a small contribution for the costs of rent and food. Please sign up for this meeting by Friday, April 26 so we know how much food we can prepare 🙂. We hope you can join us and bring your friends.

IMPORTANT: If you have signed up but for some reason are not able to come will you please let us know as soon as you can so that we know how much food will be needed!

Welcome! And bring your friends.

Cultural Exchange – April 24

On Wednesday April 24, in cooperation with OCSG (organ of five Dutch student societies) and international student organizations as: ALAS (Latin American), GUTSA (Turkish), ASC (African), GISA (Indian) and maybe ACSSG (Chinese) HOST-IFES is proud to present the Cultural Exchange!!
A Exchange of Cultures between International and Dutch Students. Which will start at 18:00 with a dinner in the Mensa of Navigators (Hereweg 1), after that several workshops will be given -still to be specified- and we will visit some pubs together afterwards. (One can join also at a later moment that night.)

Costs: dinner € 5,00, workshops: € 4,00

Check this facebook page for more info!

Henk Helmantel – May 31

On Friday May 31 we hope to pay our yearly visit to the well-known Dutch artist Henk Helmantel. Helmantel is one of the best known artists in the Netherlands, and has exhibited his work internationally (for example in Czech Republic, Germany, the United States, Taiwan, and Italy).
You can look at his website, and we also give so info on this on April 27. Henk Helmantel will give us a special tour of his work and there will be a free meal.
If the weather is good we can enjoy the beautiful garden and grounds of this monumental location in Westeremden. Don’t leave the Netherlands without going there! We will give more information about this in our next invitation.


Paul Nieboer, Hans and JoAnn van Seventer, Patty Scholma, Hinke van Abbema and Martin Geertsma

Location: Hereweg 1, Groningen (near Central Train Station)

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