Outing to famous Dutch painter Henk Helmantel

Invitation for Saturday, September 30

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To all international students,

We would like to invite you to a very special event of International Café on Saturday September 30, 2017. Every year we try to fit in an excursion to visit one of the best known Dutch painters of our time, Henk Helmantel, to see his home and the exhibition of his marvelous realistic paintings in Westeremden. You can get an idea of his work on his website: www.henkhelmantel.nl, but to see it up close and to visit his amazing home (a parsonage restored to its medieval state) and to walk around in his spacious garden is so much better! This is definitely a trip you should make before you leave the Groningen area.
Helmantel’s address is: Abt Emopad 2, Westeremden.

There will be a meal of soup, salad, and bread with tea, coffee and cake. The total cost of the exhibition and the meal will be 5 euros pp.

Sign up

To join us: Sign up on our website (www.internationalcafe.nl).
Meet us at 15:30 at the train station in Groningen and we will take the train together. PLEASE BE ON TIME! Buy a train ticket to Stedum: Go to Track 1a — Direction Delfzijl. Hans van Seventer will meet you there. The train will arrive in Stedum, and if the weather is good we will walk 2 kilometers to Westeremden (if it is raining heavily we will try to organize other transportation). Wear comfortable shoes!

We expect to return to Groningen shortly after 20:00 o’clock so you will have time to study or enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening!

IMPORTANT: If you have signed up but for some reason are not able to come will you please let us know as soon as you can so that we know how much food will be needed!
We hope to see you there, and your friends are very welcome!

We hope to see you there, and your friends are very welcome!


Hans and JoAnn van Seventer, Mirjam Poelman, Kathelijne Bouw, Kars and Josine de Bruyne, Paul Nieboer


Abt Emopad 2, Westeremden