Enjoy your summer

Our Cook

We are on a summer break

Hi all, our last outing was marvellous. And now it is time to enjoy a break, a summer break. Hope you can, we will:)


Because we love to organise events for you, and you all express your gratitude so very often, we never thought about quitting what we do!! So hopefully you can wait just long enough until September, because then we will organise our next event.


What rests? Well first of all a very big thank you to all our guests, to you who given us the motivation to go on and to you because we love having you, and we enjoyed each and every time.
Also to all the helpers we have had, and off course Navigators Groningen:)

Have a great summer and we hope to seen you again in September!!

Warm wishes,

Paul Nieboer, Hans and JoAnn van Seventer, Patty Scholma, Hinke van Abbema