Happietaria Groningen

for Burkina Faso

Wednesday 17 November, marked the opening of a volunteer-run restaurant called Happietaria. It is run yearly by students of 5 different Christian student unions in Groningen, among which is Navigators who rents out their building each International Café Saturday Evening.


This year Happietaria Groningen tries to raise money to support the poorest people of Burkina Faso. All proceeds, including donations, go to two projects in Burkina Faso, one dealing with microcredit provisions, the other with agricultural development. For this Happietaria teams up with Woord en Daad, a Christian organisation that wants to provide a decent existence for the poor. For this they cooperate with and work through local organizations.


Happietaria charges about fifteen euro for a three-course meal, which is money well spent. so why not stop by to sample the delicious food, with every euro spent going to a good cause — helping some of Burkina Faso’s poorest people.

Location: Former Turbo Go Go Building, Het Gedempte Zuiderdiep 56


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